St Mary's is a social enterprise

We work hard to make St Mary’s a sustainable business  and to respect the needs of future generations to a healthy and secure life. 

This affects our business choices – how we buy power, how we deal with our waste and how we source food. There is a cost to this, but surely we are the people who should pay it, not our children.

As a social enterprise we ensure that every pound we earn is used to make a difference to the lives of people who feel they have been left on the scrap heap. We find ways of using waste food, waste timber and spare bits of land to help people and communities thrive.

Placing your business at St Mary’s is an investment in social good.

Investing in SheffieldSustainable people

People in deprived communities do not want charity. Instead they need people to invest in their time and skills. So we help them to design and run projects which tackle the chronic social problems of loneliness, boredom and isolation.

“I cannot describe the feeling of worth that Time Credits gave me… to be rewarded for an hour’s work with a Time Credit which you can then go and use, when money is so tight… it meant the world. They give you worth and confidence.”
– TimeBuilders Participant

Sustainable business practice
Investing in Sustainability

Reduced Landfill

  • We use ‘Vegware’ plates and cups which are made from plants. We carefully separate our waste streams so that they are composted in the Maltings aerobic digester after use.
  • No single-use plastics – only reusable cups
  • We encourage customers to take surplus food home in doggie bags. Any further food waste is separated and composted

Renewable Power

  • Electricity is from 100% renewable suppliers reducing our carbon footprint by at least 28.5 tonnes

Responsible Sourcing

  • We are careful to use local suppliers and the best quality ingredients.
  • Our menus have plentiful vegetarian and vegan choices.