The warm glow of renewable power

The huge dilemma of the climate crisis is that we screw things up just by getting on with our lives. Carbon emission is embedded in everything we do and it can feel impossible to do anything that makes a difference.

At St Mary’s we’ve been working on this for years, chipping away at things so that our business leaves the world better than we found it. And it’s difficult. Sometimes it feels futile. I remember the sense of dismay when we became a recycling centre and one day I asked our “recycling” company what happens to all the plastic and cardboard we were carefully separating? “The plastic goes on a ship to China and the cardboard goes to the incinerator” was the cheerful reply. We were just greenwashing. Gutted.

We ran our delivery van on chip oil for years until the chip oil supplier closed down.

We looked into recycling our food waste in an aerobic digester in our backyard. But we never had the spare £20k needed to buy the swanky digester.

We found that being sustainable can just cost too much. In the early noughties we signed up to renewable power when the unit cost was crazily expensive because we wanted to do the right thing. We kept it going as long as we could until austerity hit, income plummeted and it was a choice between doing the right thing and doing nothing at all. A tough day.

Then about a year ago we discovered Bulb – the 100% renewable power company that is everything it says on the tin. You don’t get locked into a contract with an inflated price to buffer changes in the wholesale market. Instead the price tracks the wholesale price on a monthly basis and you can get out with a months’ notice. There must be a catch we thought, and we modelled many variations of how it might go wrong and it always beat the best contract price. So we took the plunge and it has been fantastic. The price has always beaten the competition, their customer service is second to none and in the last year we saved over 28.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Next year it will be more as we’ve finally got out of our other electricity contract.

Bulb – a company of simple genius which is truly helping to save the planet. Switch to Bulb today for your own warm glow of renewable power.